The official WSJT-website of Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT with the latest full-versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, the user-guides in English, German and Swedish and all the release notes:

New FT8 website in Italy, full of useful informations, in italian only:

Setting up FT8 by Jim Carson:

Tips for FT8 DXers, by Gary Hinson, ZL2IFB/G4IFB:

Website to JTDX:

User-Manuals, Videos etc. for JTDX:

MSHV, another software that includes FT8:

FT8 on YouTube:

FT8 with Icom’s IC-7300:

Time-Sync programmes:

K7AR FT8 DX cluster

K8ZT Digital Mode Collection

FT8 – Die digitale Revolutionen im Amateurfunk, Dr. Jurg Regli

Grid Tracker

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