In recognition of international amateur radio communication in Digital Modes.
TA Digital Mode Club issues recognition certificates for amateur and SWL radio stations in the world. Qualification for the IBCA award (Iber Countries Award)
is based on an examination by the IBCA Award Manager.
The applicant must prove that you have contacted at least 1 different Andorra and Gibralter amateur radio stations.
All contacts must be made by the following DXCC entities:
C3, CT, EA, ZB2

* Applications could be mix or mono digi mode.
* All QSOs will be considered on their own bands and modes.

* Levels:

1 Andorra Stations, 5 Portugal stations, 10 Spain stations.

1 Andorra Stations, 10 Portugal stations, 20 Spain stations.

1 Adorra Station, 1 Gibralter station, 15 Portugal stations, 30 Spain stations

2 Andorra stations, 2 Gibralter stations, 20 portugal stations, 40 Spain stations

3 Andorra stations, 3 Gibralter stations, 30 Portugal stations, 50 Spain stations

* If there are more than one QSOs on Same Band, Same Mode, Same Callsign, just one of them will be valid for application.

IBCA Award Manager Pascual T. Andreu, EA5WO