* In recognition of international amateur radio communication in Digital Modes.
TA Digital Mode Club issues recognition certificates for amateur and SWL radio stations in the world.

* Applications could be mix or mono digi mode.
All qsos will be considered on their own bands and modes.

* If there are more than one QSO on Same Band, Same Mode, Same Callsign, just one of them will be valid for application.

* The Award is issued to amateur radio stations submitting proof of contact with All 266 prefix.

* 10 call area,266 pieces Prefix combination

1 Kanto – JA1-JS1, 7J1, 8J1-8N1, 7K1-7N4 (all of 7K,7L,7M,7N series are Kanto area)
2 Tokai – JA2-JS2, 7J2, 8J2-8N2
3 Kinki – JA3-JS3, 7J3, 8J3-8N3
4 Chugoku – JA4-JS4, 7J4, 8J4-8N4
5 Shikoku – JA5-JS5, 7J5, 8J5-8N5
6 Kyushu&Okinawa – JA6-JS6, 7J6, 8J6-8N6
7 Tohoku – JA7-JS7, 7J7, 8J7-8N7
8 Hokkaido – JA8-JS8, 7J8, 8J8-8N8
9 Hokuriku – JA9-JS9, 7J9, 8J9-8N9
0 Shin’etsu – JA0-JS0, 7J0, 8J0-8N0

* Qso with;
25 diffrent prefix
50 diffrent prefix
75 diffrent prefix
100 diffrent prefix
150 diffrent prefix
200 diffrent prefix
250 diffrent prefix has worked gain to award.

* Award Manager TA4ED, Atilla Karadayı


Click the link to see the 25 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 50 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 75 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 100 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 150 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 200 diffrent prefix award sample

Click the link to see the 250 diffrent prefix award sample