* All qsos must be digi modes.

* Must complete All Mediterranean countries for award application.

Mediterranean Countries; EA,EA6, EA9, F, ZB2, TK, 9H, 3A2, I, IT9, IS0,IH9, IA5, ZA, 9A, E7, S5, 4O, SV, SV9, SV8, 5B4, OD, YK, 4X, SU, 5A, 7X, 3V, CN, 1A

* Applications could be mix or mono digi mode. All qsos will be considered on their own bands and modes.

10 Prefix reach to Bronze Award,
20 Prefix reach to Silver Award,
30 Prefix reach to Gold Award.

* If there are more than one QSO on Same Band, Same Mode, Same Callsign, just one of them will be valid for application.

* Award Manager TA4ED Atilla KARADAYI.


Click the link to see the certificate sample